The New York City Working Group on Gender and Language: Gender Engines

In analogy to graphics engines and physics engines, gender engines are a possible future building block of game design that would simulate gender perception of a chararcter (or player) by another character, thus facilitating building gender-diverse games.

Proof of Concept

Gendered Narration

Gendered Narration is a prototypical rewriting system allowing to render a web page using a specific (possibly custom) set of pronouns and thus notion of gender. For a demo, see this prototype.


Implemented as a Twine story format, Snowperson, built on Chris Klimas’s Snowman, will allow to easily build text-based games where characters (or the narrator) can choose or ‘learn’ new pronouns or pronoun sets.

A playable mini game (without much of a plot, but, it is hoped, demonstrating the concept), can be found here.

Some key snippets of the source code of that game are the following (called passages in Twine terminology; slightly edited for clarity):

Introducing a new non-playable character:

    <{Character A goes by the name of Andy.}>
    <{Character A goes by they pronouns.}>
Narration involving that non-playable character; note how pronoun–verb agreement with respect to number is implemented by {{Prn|A}} {{verb|look|reg=-1}}, which may render as, for example, “They look” or “Xe looks”:
    You run into {{name|A}}. {{Prn|A}} {{verb|look|reg=-1}} like a nice person, and you wonder if {{prn|A}} {{verb|think|reg=-1}} of {{prn-refl|A}} as a cutie, like you do.
(Narrated) interaction with the character, and the narrator adopting the character’s preferred pronouns:
    {{Prn-nom|A}} {{verb|say|reg=-1}}, “I’ll read it later. For now you can call me *he*.”
    <{Character A goes by he pronouns.}>
Different player choice leads to different interaction, causing the narrator to learn a new pronoun:
    “I go by *fay* pronouns among people who know how to use them.”
    ―“How do you use them?”
    ―“fay, fem, fir, firs, femself”
    <{Learn pronoun fay,  objective fem,  possessive fir,  independent possessive firs,  reflexive femself.}>
    ―“Well, that’s easy enough to remember (’cause my gender engine will do that for me).”
    <{Character A goes by fay pronouns.}>
In the demo game, the player can always return to the first scene, which will be re-rendered reflecting the narrator’s latest pronoun choices (in this game based on characters’ stated preferences).

A very early build of the Snowperson story format can be found here.


State and Representation

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Gender Models

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Gender Engines

Perception by the Playable Character—Rendering Engines

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Perception of the Playable Character—Simulation Engines

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